Thomas Pet Felo Lysine L-Lysine Supplement for Cats

$57.72 $69.26 -17% OFF

Thomas Pet Felo Lysine L-Lysine Supplement for Cats

$57.72 $69.26 -17% OFF
Product description

At Thomas Pet, we understand that no one likes feeling under the weather, and the same goes for your cat. As cat owners, we hate when our four-legged friends arent feeling well, especially if were unsure what to give them to make them feel better. Fortunately, theres Felo Lysine from Thomas Pet, a lysine supplement for cats that promotes the production of antibodies and enzymes to support the immune system in cats and kittens. With continued supplementation, it can help promote healthy eye function and respiratory health. Felo Lysine works hard to get your cat back on all four paws. With continued administration, this supplement helps support a healthy, happy cat. Give your worries a cat nap, knowing that your furry friend is getting the best care possible.

  • Supports the Immune System in Cats
  • Promotes Healthy Eye Function
  • Supports Respiratory Health in Cats
  • Promotes the Production of Antibodies and Enzymes
  • For Cats and Kittens

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