Pondmaster ProLine High Flow Submersible Pump - 1/2 HP - 5904 GPH

$547.99 $657.59 -17% OFF

Pondmaster ProLine High Flow Submersible Pump - 1/2 HP - 5904 GPH

$547.99 $657.59 -17% OFF
Product description

Pondmaster ProLine High Flow Submersible Pumps are our latest line of Water Pumps by Danner Manufacturing. They each feature a vortex impeller for increased torque flow which eliminates clogging and binding made of F.R.P (fiberglass reinforced plastic) for minimal abrasive wear. The HFS pumps also feature a rugged, durable stainless steel motor which is corrosion resistant for all kinds of weather elements. The HFS Pumps have built-in thermal protection which is self-resetting automatic protection against overload and overheat conditions. High-quality double silicon carbide mechanical seals (impeller side) increase performance and abrasive resistance. Great for Ponds, Fountains, Fish-Farming, Landscapes, Irrigation, Water Gardening, Aquaculture (Water Circulation), Agricultural, Streams, Cascades, Waterfalls, Water Transfer, Recirculation and Water Drainage.

  • The ProLine Pond Pump is completely submersible
  • 24 hour continuous duty operation
  • High-capacity fluid transfer
  • 20 Foot Grounded Power Cord
  • 2 Year limited manufacturer warranty
  • Includes: 1.5" and 2" Barbed Fitting: 1/6 HP, 1/5 HP & 1/4 HP or 2" Barbed Fitting: 1/3 HP, 1/2 HP & 1 HP

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